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Using the Read Mode
using the Read Mode
The Read Mode in Word 2013 is more than just another view. It
reformats the text into two or more columns, makes some pic-
tures and tables smaller, hides the editing tools, and makes any
markup less visible. This lets you focus on the text while you’re
reading, but you can expand any item when you need to.
navigate in Read Mode
1 If the document is not already in Read Mode, on the View menu, in
the Views group, click Read Mode.
2 Click the screen-change icon at the right or left edge of the screen
to “page” or move by one screenful.
3 On the View menu, click Navigation Pane.
The pane works the same way as in other views.
4 On the View menu, click Edit Document to return to the most
recent view (or click the Print Layout icon on the status bar, or
press Esc).
sEE ALso For information about displaying a document in
Read Mode, see “Switching views” on page 17.
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