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Managing your online accounts
Managing your online accounts
When you install Office 2013, it prompts you to attach either a
Microsoft Account or an account for your work or school. When
you do that, the Office applications let you open and save doc-
uments in your SkyDrive space or SharePoint Server. They also
give you access to the other services for that account, includ-
ing file sharing, email, and roaming of Office settings. You can
add connections to other social networks, including Facebook,
LinkedIn, and Twitter. If you have two or more accounts—for
instance, one at home and one at work—you can attach both of
them and switch between them at any time.
If your computer runs Windows 7, you can use Office 2013 with-
out attaching a Microsoft Account. If you run Windows 8, Office
2013 automatically attaches your Windows logon account.
sign in to a user account
1 Click File and then click Account.
2 If there is no account attached to Office 2013, and if you already
have an account, click Sign In and then proceed to step 5.
3 Click either the Microsoft Account item or the Organization Or
School item.
4 If Word is already logged on to an account but you want to use a
different account, click the Switch Account link.
5 Enter the email address and password for the account that you
want to use.
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