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Starting a new document
start with a template
1 Click File to display the Backstage view and then click New.
This page of the Backstage view shows some templates that are
stored on your computer as well as others that are supplied online
2 Browse through these templates and click one that you want to use
such as Invoice or Student Report. If none of the visible templates
are appropriate for the document you want to create, in the Search
Online Templates box, type a word or phrase and press Enter.
3 When the template’s preview appears, click Create.
sEE ALso For more information about starting Word, see
“Starting the Word program” on page 12. For more information
about the content of a new blank document, see “Working with the
Normal template” on page 156.
sEE ALso For more information about getting or creating
more templates, see “Finding and downloading templates” on
page 159 and “Designing a template” on page 165.
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