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Inserting and overtyping text
Inserting and overtyping text
When you place the text cursor within existing text and start to
type, you usually want the new text to push the old text to the
right or down. Word calls this Insert mode . If you want to have
each new character replace the next existing character, you
can use Overtype mode . You can easily switch between the two
switch between Insert and overtype
1 Right-click the status bar.
2 In the options menu that opens, click Overtype.
A check mark appears next to it.
3 On the status bar, see whether the indicator displays Insert or
4 Press the Insert key or click the indicator in the status bar to toggle
back and forth between Insert mode and Overtype mode.
TIP If pressing the Insert key doesn’t change the mode, click
File, choose Options, click Advanced, and then select the Use
The Insert Key To Control Overtype Mode check box. Click OK to save
the change.
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