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Copying and moving Items
Copying and moving Items
You might need to copy a piece of text, a picture, or other item
and repeat it in various places within the same document, in
a different document, or even in a different Microsoft Office
program. Or, you might want to remove ( cut ) the item from its
original location and paste it elsewhere.
overwritten by the new content. Office provides a separate clip-
board that can hold up to 24 items, but its contents are available
only to Office programs.
When you paste text into Word 2013 from either the Windows
clipboard or the Office clipboard, you can choose how to format
it. Further, if the item on the clipboard is a picture, chart, Mic-
rosoft Excel worksheet, or anything other than text, you can
control how the pasted copy behaves by using the Paste Special
Windows provides a virtual area for the temporary storage of
an item that you copy or cut that’s called the clipboard . You can
paste an item that’s on the clipboard into many other locations.
Be aware that the Windows clipboard stores only one item at
a time; if you copy or cut anything else, the previous content is
Copy or cut an item
1 Select the item that you want to copy or cut.
2 On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click either Copy (short-
cut, Ctrl+C) or Cut (shortcut, Ctrl+X).
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