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Copying and moving Items
Paste an item
1 Click in the same document—or another document—at the desired
2 On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click the Paste button
(shortcut, Ctrl+V).
3 If you need to change the appearance of the pasted text, click the
Paste Options button next to the pasted text and choose one of the
following options:
Keep Source Formatting to apply only the formatting of the text
as it was copied.
Merge Formatting to combine the formatting of the source and
the destination. For example, if the source was italic and the des-
tination is bold, Merge Formatting makes the pasted text both
italic and bold.
Keep Text Only to discard the source formatting and apply only
the formatting that has been applied at the destination.
use Paste special
1 In Excel, enter some sample data in a worksheet and copy the data
to the clipboard.
2 In your Word document, click where you want the copied Excel data
to appear.
3 Click the down-arrow at the bottom of the Paste button and click
Paste Special.
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