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Managing the Office clipboard
Managing the office clipboard
Unlike the Windows clipboard, the Office clipboard can collect
up to 24 items that you copy or cut. If you exceed 24 items, the
oldest item in the clipboard is discarded, replaced by the item
that you just copied or cut. You can paste one or more of those
items in any order, or paste all of them at once.
Paste from the office clipboard
1 On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click the dialog box
launcher (the small arrow icon in the lower-right corner).
2 In the Clipboard pane, click the down-arrow next to any item and
the click Paste to paste the item into the document.
3 You can click Paste All to paste all the items in the clipboard at the
current selection in the document.
4 You can click the down-arrow next to any single item and click
Delete to remove that item from the clipboard, or click Clear All to
remove all the items at once.
TIP The items are shown in the Clipboard pane with the most
recent one at the top. When you click Paste All, the items are
pasted into the document in the order in which they were collected,
with the most recent one at the bottom.
TIP To control where and when the Clipboard pane appears,
click the Options button at the bottom of the Clipboard pane.
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