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Navigating a document in the Navigation pane
navigating a document in the navigation pane
Whenever your document grows longer than a few pages,
locating specific places within it becomes more difficult. In Word
2013 you can find what you’re looking for by using the Naviga-
tion pane.
This pane includes a search box and three tabs—one each
for Headings, Pages, and Results—that offer different ways of
locating text, graphics, tables, and other objects. Click any of
the items in the pane to move the cursor to the corresponding
location in the document.
use the headings list
1 If the Navigation pane isn’t visible, click the View tab, and then in
the Show group, select the Navigation Pane check box.
2 Open a document that contains headings and text.
3 Click a heading in the list on the Headings tab of the Navigation
pane to jump to that heading’s location.
use thumbnails
1 In the Navigation pane, click the Pages tab.
2 Click the thumbnail picture of any page to jump to the beginning of
that page.
1 2
TIP The items shown on the Headings tab of the Navigation
pane can include text that doesn’t have a heading style applied
to it. To remove an item from the list, right-click that text in the
document, and then in the options menu that appears, click Paragraph
and set the Outline Level to Body Text.
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