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Navigating by using the search feature
navigating by using the search feature
Often, the quickest way to get to a particular place in your
document is to search for a word or phrase that you know is
there. The Navigation pane’s search box lets you do that with a
minimum of effort.
occurrences of a phrase with specific capitalization, or both the
singular and plural forms of a word. You can even search for
a person’s name when you know what it sounds like but not
how it’s spelled. These abilities and more are available in the
Advanced Find dialog box.
Sometimes you need to look for something more complicated
than a word or phrase. For example, you might want only
2 1
use search results
1 In the Navigation pane, click the Results tab.
2 Click in the search box.
Type the word or phrase that you want to find.
As you type each letter, Word refines the results to only those that
match the contents of the search box.
4 Click one of the results to jump to the corresponding location in the
TIP If one occurrence of the word or phrase is already visible
in the document, select it and press Ctrl+F. The selected text
appears immediately in the search box, and all occurrences are shown
in the Results tab.
TRY ThIs Instead of searching for text, click the down-arrow
at the right end of the search box and choose Graphics, Tables,
Equations, Footnotes/Endnotes, or Comments to find items of those
types. Click the up-arrow or down-arrow buttons that appear below
the search box to move through the results.
TIP Click the Headings tab in the Navigation pane to see
which headings contain the found text; or, click the Pages tab to
see the locations in the thumbnails.
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