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Navigating by using the search feature
4 If you need to search for items that you can’t type from the key-
board, such as a section break or a paragraph mark, click Special
and select the desired item from the drop-down list that appears.
5 Click the Find Next button to move the cursor from one occurrence
to the next.
6 If you want to choose which part of the document to look in, such
as the main document or the headers and footers, click the Find In
button and choose the name of the desired part in the drop-down
list. Word selects all the occurrences in that part.
7 Click Reading Highlight to apply a yellow highlight to all occur-
rences, which makes them easy to see as you scroll through the
TRY ThIs While the cursor is in the Find What box, press
Ctrl+B once to search for occurrences of the search term that
are bold. Press Ctrl+B again to search for occurrences that are not bold,
and a third time to search for all occurrences. The same method works
with Ctrl+I for italic and Ctrl+U for underline.
TIP If there’s a foreign character in the text that you’d like to
find and you know of an occurrence of that character elsewhere
in the document, copy it to the clipboard and paste it (Ctrl+V) into the
search box.
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