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Organizing topics
organizing topics
An important part of writing is organizing your thoughts into a
coherent structure. Word 2013 gives you several ways to see and
change the order of headings and subheadings, including the
Outline view and the Navigation pane. In addition, Word 2013
introduces a new feature for collapsing and expanding headings
in Print Layout view, just as you can in Outline view.
When you collapse the headings and then move a heading to
a new position, all the text and subheadings contained within
that heading also move. If you delete a heading that has been
collapsed, everything it contains is also deleted.
Collapse and expand headings
1 Open a document that contains headings and text.
2 If the display isn’t already in Print Layout view, on the View tab, in
the Views group, click Print Layout.
3 Point to a heading.
4 Click the triangle in the left margin next to the heading to collapse
the content.
5 To expand the content under the heading, click the triangle again.
TRY THIS Right-click a heading, point to Expand/Collapse,
and then click Collapse All Headings or Expand All Headings.
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