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Creating your own building blocks
Creating your own building blocks
As you work in Word 2013, you might find yourself using the
same text or picture in more than a few different documents.
You can save yourself some typing by turning that item into a
building block.
There is no practical limit on the kind or size of items that you
can store; save an entire table, several pages of text, a picture, a
specialized watermark—the choice is yours.
Create and save a building block
1 Right-click in the header area and then click Edit Header.
2 Type some text in the header, such as your name. Tab to the center
of the header and press Alt+Shift+P to enter a page number.
3 Select the entire paragraph, but not the paragraph mark at the end.
4 On the Header & Footer Tools tab, in the Header & Footer group,
click Header.
5 At the bottom of the Header gallery, click Save Selection To Header
6 Type a name for the new building block.
TIP If you don’t exclude the paragraph mark at the end of the
text, the paragraph mark becomes part of the building block,
too. If, for example, you insert that building block in a header that
already contains a paragraph mark, the header will then contain two
paragraph marks. That would make the header’s height one line greater
than desired.
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