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Creating your own building blocks
7 Leave the Gallery drop-down list set to Headers.
8 Open the Category drop-down list and click Create New Category.
The gallery is divided into sections, one for each category, and you
should make a new section for your custom building blocks.
9 In the Create New Category dialog box, type a name for a new
category and click OK.
10 From the Save In drop-down list, choose the template in which to
store the new building block.
11 Leave the Options set to Insert Content Only.
12 Click OK.
TIP In a gallery, the categories are listed in alphabetical order.
To keep your own categories at the top of the gallery and avoid
the need to scroll through the built-in building blocks, type an
underscore as the first character of a new category name, such as
TRY THIS Building blocks in the AutoText gallery have a
special property. Create a building block in the AutoText gallery,
leave it in the General category, and store it in the Normal.dotm
template. When you type the first few characters of its name—enough
to be unique among AutoText entry names—a ToolTip appears and you
can press Enter to insert the entire entry. For any other kind of building
block, you won’t see a ToolTip, but you can type its name and press F3
to insert it.
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