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Managing building blocks
Managing building blocks
As you work in Word 2013, you might accumulate many custom
building blocks in addition to the several dozen that are built in
and many more that are available at To manage this
growing collection, Word provides a Building Blocks Organizer.
templates, and look at a preview. You can edit a building block’s
properties—for example, you can change its category or move
it to a different template. You can also delete the selected build-
ing block from its template, or you can insert the building block
into your document.
In the Organizer, you can see which building blocks are avail-
able, see how they’re assigned to galleries, categories, and
use the building block organizer
1 On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Quick Parts and click
Building Blocks Organizer.
The Building Blocks Organizer dialog box opens.
2 Click a building block in the Building Blocks list.
3 Click Edit Properties.
The Modify Building Blocks dialog box opens.
TIP If you change the template named in the Save In
drop-down list, the entry is moved from one template to
another, resulting in changes in both templates. When you shut down
Word, you’ll be prompted to save the change in each template.
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