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Correcting a spelling or grammar error
Add a word to the custom dictionary
1 Right-click a word that is marked with a red or blue squiggle.
2 In the shortcut menu that appears, click Add To Dictionary.
TIP You can load several custom dictionaries simultaneously
so that the spelling checker can match words in any of them.
However, you can use only one of these dictionaries as the default
custom dictionary for a particular language. When you click Add To
Dictionary, the selected word goes into the default custom dictionary
for its language.
TIP Yet another use of blue squiggles is to mark formatting
inconsistency, which occurs when you apply direct formatting
that matches an available style. For example, if you apply italic direct
formatting to some text, Word suggests that you should apply the
style named Emphasis, instead.
CAuTIon Like most computer programs that deal with
natural language, Word’s grammar checker can misinterpret
your text. It might indicate an error where there is none, and it might
miss errors. You must use your judgment when reviewing your writing.
sEE ALso For information about choosing how the spelling
and grammar checkers work, see “Setting spelling and grammar
options” on page 430.
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