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Running a manual spelling or grammar check
Running a manual spelling or grammar check
You might want not to see squiggles in the document while
you’re concentrating on typing, preferring instead to check all
the text in one pass when you’re ready. At any time you can
choose to run a manual check of spelling and grammar.
use the spelling and grammar panes
1 On the Review tab, in the Proofing group, click Spelling & Grammar
(shortcut, F7).
The Spelling pane appears along the side of the document work
2 Each time the Spelling pane identifies a word as incorrect, you can
click a replacement in the list that appears and click either Change
or Change All. If the word is spelled correctly, click either Ignore or
Ignore All. If you want to enter it in your custom dictionary, click
3 For each grammar error, read the suggestion and examples to help
you decide how to reword the text.
TIP Click any squiggle in the text to display that error in the
Spelling pane or the Grammar pane.
sEE ALso For information about disabling the continuous
spelling and grammar checker, see “Setting spelling and
grammar options” on page 430.
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