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Adding common misspellings to AutoCorrect
Adding common misspellings to AutoCorrect
The AutoCorrect feature of Word 2013 instantly replaces
common misspellings with the corrected spelling. The feature
compares each word you type to a list of known errors. If it
finds a match, it substitutes the corresponding replacement
text. When you install Office 2013, you start with a list of nearly
a thousand AutoCorrect entries. You can add your own correc-
tions to that list.
By default, AutoCorrect tries to match a misspelled word to a
word in the main dictionary that the spelling checker uses, and
it makes the correction if there is only one suggestion for the
replacement. You can disable this feature if you prefer not to
use it.
Add a spelling correction to AutoCorrect
1 Select a misspelled word.
2 Click the Backstage view and then click Options.
The Word Options dialog box opens.
3 Click Proofing and then click AutoCorrect Options.
4 The misspelled word you selected automatically appears under the
Replace label.
5 Type the desired replacement text under the With label.
6 Click Add.
7 Click OK.
TIP The AutoCorrect substitution occurs in a document when
you type a space or punctuation after the characters that Word
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