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Using AutoCorrect entries as shortcuts
using AutoCorrect entries as shortcuts
Although it’s useful to have many spelling errors corrected
automatically, the AutoCorrect feature can do more. Similar to
Building Block entries, the replacement part of an AutoCorrect
entry can hold nearly anything that you can put into a document,
including formatted text, graphics, tables, and text boxes. Unlike
a building block, however, an AutoCorrect entry’s replacement
appears in the document as soon as you type the entry—there’s
no need to press Enter or F3 afterward.
The AutoCorrect list contains both plain text replacements and
formatted replacements. The plain text entries operate in most
of the Office 2013 applications, but the formatted entries work
only in Word.
build a custom AutoCorrect entry
1 Type the desired replacement text in a document and apply a style
or direct formatting to it if needed. You can also include other
objects such as pictures or tables. Select the entire replacement.
2 Click File to display the Backstage View and then click Options.
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