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Setting AutoFormat options
setting AutoFormat options
Word 2013 has the ability to apply some formatting to your text
automatically. You might find that this is very helpful. However,
if you don’t understand why the changes occur, and how to
control them or undo them, it can be very frustrating and your
document can become an unsightly mess.
There are two separate parts of the AutoFormat feature. The
part called AutoFormat does nothing until you start it with a
manual command; it applies all of its rules in one pass. The part
called AutoFormat As You Type applies its rules one by one, as
soon as you type something the feature recognizes. The parts
are controlled on separate pages of options in the AutoCorrect
Options dialog box.
Explore the AutoFormat As You Type options
1 Click the Backstage view and then click Options.
The Word Options dialog box opens.
2 Click Proofing and then click AutoCorrect Options.
The AutoCorrect Options dialog box opens.
TIP Whenever Word applies an unwanted automatic change,
immediately click Undo or press Ctrl+Z to remove the change.
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