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Getting definitions and synonyms
getting definitions and synonyms
When you want to know the meaning of a word or phrase, or
you want to view a list of synonyms, you don’t have to leave
your document; Word 2013 gives you direct access to dictionar-
ies, a thesaurus, web search, and other research sources.
get a definition from Encarta Dictionary
1 Hold down the Alt key while you click the word that you need
2 If Encarta Dictionary isn’t the current source shown in the Research
pane, click the arrow and select Encarta Dictionary from the drop-
down list.
get a definition from another dictionary
1 Select the word that you need defined.
2 On the Review tab, in the Proofing group, click Define.
3 If you haven’t previously used the Define feature, select a dictionary
from the list and click Download.
Read the definition in the dictionary’s pane.
TIP The dictionaries offered in the pane are Apps for Office.
For more information about these apps, see “Adding an app
from the Office Store” on page 406.
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