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Saving the Workbook as a PDF File
The difference between the
XLSX and XLS file formats
Excel 2013 supports the use of the XML-based file format first introduced in
Excel 2007 (which Microsoft officially calls the Microsoft Office Open XML
format). This default file format is touted as being more efficient in saving
data, resulting in smaller file size and offering superior integration with
external data sources (especially when these resources are web-based ones
supporting XML files). This XML-based file format carries the filename
extension .xlsx and is the file format in which Excel automatically saves any new
workbook you create.
The only problem with this newfangled XML-based file format is that it can’t
be opened by earlier Excel versions (before Excel 2007). Therefore, if someone
who needs to work with the workbook you’ve just created isn’t using Excel
2007 or hasn’t yet upgraded to Excel 2013, you need to save the new workbook
in the earlier file format used in Excel versions 97 through 2003 with the old
.xls filename extension. To do this, click the Save As Type drop-down button
in the Save As dialog box and then click Excel 97-2003 Workbook (*.xls) in the
drop-down menu.
Filename extensions, such as .xlsx and .xls, do not appear as part of the
filename (even though they are appended) in the File Name text box in the
Excel Save As dialog box unless you’ve specifically changed Windows’ folder
options to show them. To make this change, open the Folder Options dialog
box in Windows Explorer and then deselect the Hide Extensions for Known
File Types check box on the View tab. To open the Folder Options dialog box
in Windows 7 Explorer, click the Organize button and then select Folder and
Search Options on its drop-down menu. To open this dialog box in Windows
8 Explorer, you select the View tab followed by the Options button on the
Windows Explorer Ribbon.
Excel 2013 also supports a special binary file format called Excel Binary
Workbook that carries the .xlsb filename extension. Select this binary format
for huge spreadsheets that you create that have to be compatible with earlier
versions of Excel.
Saving the Workbook as a PDF File
The PDF (Portable Document File) file format developed by Adobe Systems
Incorporated enables people to open and print documents without access to
the original programs with which the documents were created.
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