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Choosing a Select Group of Cells
In Excel, you can select more than one cell range at a time (a phenomenon
somewhat ingloriously called a noncontiguous or nonadjacent selection ). In
fact, although Figure 3-1 appears to contain several cell selections, it’s really
just one big, nonadjacent cell selection with cell D12 (the active one) as the
cell that was selected last.
Point-and-click cell selections
A mouse (provided that the device you’re running Excel 2013 on has a
mouse) is a natural for selecting a range of cells. Just position the mouse
pointer (in its thick, white cross form) on the first cell and then click and
drag in the direction that you want to extend the selection.
To extend the cell selection to columns to the right, drag your mouse to
the right, highlighting neighboring cells as you go.
To extend the selection to rows to the bottom, drag your mouse down.
To extend the selection down and to the right at the same time, drag
your mouse diagonally toward the cell in the lower-right corner of the
block you’re highlighting.
Touchy-feely cell selections
If you’re running Excel 2013 on a touchscreen device such as a Windows
tablet or smartphone, you simply use your finger or stylus to make your cell
selections. Simply tap the first cell in the selection (the equivalent of clicking
with a mouse) and then drag the selection handle (one of the two circles that
appears in the upper-left and lower-right corner of the cell) through the rest
of the adjacent cells to extend the cell selection and select the entire range.
Shifty cell selections
To speed up the old cell-selection procedure, you can use the Shift+click
method, which goes as follows:
1. Click the first cell in the selection.
This selects that cell.
2. Position the mouse pointer in the last cell in the selection.
This is kitty-corner from the first cell in your selected rectangular block.
3. Press the Shift key and hold it down while you click the mouse
button again.
When you click the mouse button the second time, Excel selects all the
cells in the columns and rows between the first cell and last cell.
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