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Formatting Cells Close to the Source with the Mini-bar
Formats the cell selection using the Percentage
number format that multiplies the values by 100
and adds a percent sign with no decimal places
Formats the cell selection with the Comma Style
number format that uses commas to separate
thousands, displays two decimal places, and encloses
negative values in a closed pair of parentheses
Adds a decimal place to the values in the cell
Removes a decimal place from the values in the
cell selection
Don’t forget about the tooltips that appear when you highlight one of these
formatting command buttons with your mouse or Touch Pointer. These
tooltips not only give you a short description of the button’s function, but also
display any shortcut keys for quickly adding or removing attributes from the
entries in the cell selection.
Formatting Cells Close to the
Source with the Mini-bar
Excel 2013 makes it easy to apply common formatting changes to a cell
selection right within the Worksheet area thanks to the mini-toolbar feature,
nicknamed the mini-bar (makes me thirsty just thinking about it!).
To display the mini-bar, select the cells that need formatting and then
rightclick somewhere in the cell selection. The cell range’s context menu along
with the mini-bar then appears to the right of the cell selection. When you
select a tool in the mini-bar such the Font or Font Size pop-up button, the
context menu disappears (see Figure 3-7).
As you can see in this figure, the mini-bar contains most of the buttons from
the Font group of the Home tab (with the exception of the Underline button).
It also contains the Center and Merge & Center buttons from the Alignment
group (see the “Altering the Alignment” section, later in this chapter) and
the Accounting Number Format, Percent Style, Comma Style, Increase
Decimal, and Decrease Decimal buttons from the Number group (see the
“Understanding the number formats” section, later in this chapter). Simply
click these buttons to apply their formatting to the current cell selection.
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