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Using the Format Cells Dialog Box
Figure 3-11:
percentages with
Deciding how many decimal places
You can increase or decrease the number of decimal places used in a number
entered by using the Accounting Number Format, Comma Style, or Percent
Style button in the Number group of the Home tab simply by clicking the
Increase Decimal button or the Decrease Decimal button in this group. Each
time you click the Increase Decimal button (the one with the arrow pointing
left), Excel adds another decimal place to the number format you apply.
The values behind the formatting
Make no mistake about it — all that these fancy number formats do is spiff up
the presentation of the values in the worksheet. Like a good illusionist, a
particular number format sometimes appears to transform some entries, but in
reality, the entries are the same old numbers you started with. For example,
suppose that a formula returns the following value:
Now suppose that you format the cell containing this value with the
Accounting Number Format button on the Home tab. The value now appears
as follows:
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