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Calibrating Columns
Excel contains a nifty category of number formats called Special. The Special
category contains the following four number formats that may interest you:
Zip Code: Retains any leading zeros in the value (important for zip
codes and of absolutely no importance in arithmetic computations).
Example: 00123.
Zip Code + 4: Automatically separates the last four digits from the first
five digits and retains any leading zeros. Example: 00123-5555.
Phone Number: Automatically encloses the first three digits of the
number in parentheses and separates the last four digits from the
previous three with a dash. Example: (999) 555-1111.
Social Security Number: Automatically puts dashes in the value to
separate its digits into groups of three, two, and four. Example: 666-00-9999.
These Special number formats really come in handy when creating data lists
in Excel that often deal with stuff like zip codes, telephone numbers, and
sometimes even Social Security numbers (see Chapter 9 for more on creating
and using data lists).
Calibrating Columns
For those times when Excel 2013 doesn’t automatically adjust the width of
your columns to your complete satisfaction, the program makes changing the
column widths a breeze. The easiest way to adjust a column is to do a best-fit,
using the AutoFit feature With this method, Excel automatically determines .
how much to widen or narrow the column to fit the longest entry currently in
the column.
Here’s how to use AutoFit to get the best fit for a column:
1. Position the mouse or Touch Pointer on the right border of the
worksheet frame with the column letter at the top of the worksheet.
The pointer changes to a double-headed arrow pointing left and right.
2. Double-click the mouse button.
Excel widens or narrows the column width to suit the longest entry.
You can apply a best-fit to more than one column at a time. Simply select all
the columns that need adjusting (if the columns neighbor one another, drag
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