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Calibrating Columns
To increase the height of a row, drag the bottom border of the row frame
down until the row is high enough and then release the mouse button. To
shorten a row, reverse this process and drag the bottom row-frame border
up. To use AutoFit to best-fit the entries in a row, you double-click the
bottom row-frame border.
As with columns, you can also adjust the height of selected rows using row
options in the Cell Size section on the Format button’s drop-down menu on
the Home tab:
Row Height to open the Row Height dialog box where you enter the
number of points in the Row Height text box and then click OK
AutoFit Row Height to return the height of selected rows to the best fit
Now you see it, now you don’t
A funny thing about narrowing columns and rows: You can get carried away
and make a column so narrow or a row so short that it actually disappears
from the worksheet! This can come in handy for those times when you don’t
want part of the worksheet visible. For example, suppose you have a
worksheet that contains a column listing employee salaries — you need these
figures to calculate the departmental budget figures, but you would prefer to
leave sensitive info off most printed reports. Rather than waste time moving
the column of salary figures outside the area to be printed, you can just hide
the column until after you print the report.
Hiding worksheet columns
Although you can hide worksheet columns and rows by just adjusting them out
of existence, Excel does offer an easier method of hiding them, via the Hide &
Unhide option on the Format button’s drop-down menu (located in the Cells
group of the Home tab). Suppose that you need to hide column B in the
worksheet because it contains some irrelevant or sensitive information that you
don’t want printed. To hide this column, you could follow these steps:
1. Select any cell in column B to designate it as the column to hide.
2. Click the drop-down button attached to the Format button in the Cells
group on the Home tab.
Excel opens the Format button’s drop-down menu.
3. Click Hide & Unhide Hide Columns on the drop-down menu.
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