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Altering the Alignment
To angle text up using the Degrees text box, enter a positive number between
1 and 45 in the text box. To angle the text down, enter a negative number
between –1 and –45.
To set the text vertically so that each letter is above the other in a single
column, click the Vertical Text option on the Orientation button’s drop-down
menu on the Home tab.
Shrink to fit
For those times when you need to prevent Excel from widening the column
to fit its cell entries (as might be the case when you need to display an entire
table of data on a single screen or printed page), use the Shrink to Fit text
Click the Alignment tab of the Format Cells dialog box (Ctrl+1) and then click
the Shrink to Fit check box in the Text Control section. Excel reduces the font
size of the entries to the selected cells so that they don’t require changing
the current column width. Just be aware when using this Text Control option
that, depending on the length of the entries and width of the column, you can
end up with some text entries so small that they’re completely illegible!
Bring on the borders!
The gridlines you normally see in the worksheet to separate the columns
and rows are just guidelines to help you keep your place as you build your
spreadsheet. You can choose to print them with your data or not (by
checking or clearing the Print check box that appears in the Gridlines section of
the Sheet Options group on the Ribbon’s Page Layout tab).
To emphasize sections of the worksheet or parts of a particular table, you
can add borderlines or shading to certain cells. Don’t confuse the borderlines
that you add to accent a particular cell selection with the gridlines used to
define cell borders in the worksheet — borders that you add print regardless
of whether you print the worksheet gridlines.
To see the borders that you add to the cells in a worksheet, remove the
gridlines normally displayed in the worksheet by clearing the View check
box in the Gridlines section of the Sheet Options group on the Ribbon’s Page
Layout tab.
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