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Altering the Alignment
To add borders to a cell selection, click the drop-down button attached to the
Borders button in the Font group on the Home tab. This displays a drop-down
menu with all the border options you can apply to the cell selection (see
Figure 3-18) where you click the type of line you want to apply to all its cells.
Figure 3-18:
for a cell
selection on
the Borders
opened with
the Borders
on the
Home tab.
When selecting options on this drop-down menu to determine where you
want the borderlines drawn, keep these things in mind:
To have Excel draw borders only around the outside edges of the entire
cell selection (in other words, following the path of the expanded cell
cursor), click the Outside Borders or the Thick Box Border options on
this menu. To draw the outside borders yourself around an unselected
cell range in the active worksheet, click the Draw Border option, drag
the mouse (using the Pencil mouse pointer) through the range of cells,
and then click the Borders button on the Home tab’s Font group.
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