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Conditional Formatting
Directional icons applied to the third cell range, F2:F12, represent the
relative size of the values in the range with arrow icons pointing in
different directions (arrows pointing straight down for the lower values,
straight up for the higher values, and sideways for middling values).
Figure 3-19:
with three
cell ranges
formatted with
Excel’s Data
Bars, Color
Scales, and
Icon Sets
Highlighting cells ranges
The Highlight Cells Rules and Top/Bottom Rules options on Excel’s
Conditional Formatting drop-down menu enable you to quickly identify cell
entries of particular interest in various cell ranges in your worksheet.
The options on the Highlight Cells Rules continuation menu enable you to set
formats that identify values that are greater than, less than, equal to, or even
between particular values that you set. This menu also contains an option for
setting special formats for identifying cells that contain particular text (such
as Yes, No, or even Maybe answers in a data list) or certain dates (such as
project milestones and deadlines).
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