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Cut and Paste, Digital Style
Notice that when you indicate the destination range, you don’t have to select a
range of blank cells that matches the shape and size of the cell selection you’re
moving. Excel needs to know only the location of the cell in the upper-left
corner of the destination range to figure out where to put the rest of the cells.
Copying a cell selection with the Copy and Paste commands follows an
identical procedure to the one you use with the Cut and Paste commands. After
selecting the range to copy, you can get the information into the Clipboard
by clicking the Copy button on the Ribbon’s Home tab, choosing Copy from
the cell’s shortcut menu, or pressing Ctrl+C.
Paste it again, Sam . . .
An advantage to copying a selection with the Copy and Paste commands and
the Clipboard is that you can paste the information multiple times. Just make
sure that, instead of pressing Enter to complete the first copy operation, you
click the Paste button on the Home tab of the Ribbon or press Ctrl+V.
When you use the Paste command to complete a copy operation, Excel
copies the selection to the range you designate without removing the
marquee from the original selection. This is your signal that you can select
another destination range (in either the same or a different document).
After you select the first cell of the next range where you want the selection
copied, choose the Paste command again. You can continue in this manner,
pasting the same selection to your heart’s content. When you make the last
copy, press Enter instead of choosing the Paste command button or
pressing Ctrl+V. If you forget and choose Paste, get rid of the marquee around the
original cell range by pressing the Esc key.
Keeping pace with Paste Options
Right after you click the Paste button on the Home tab of the Ribbon or press
Ctrl+V to paste cell entries that you copy (not cut) to the Clipboard, Excel
displays a Paste Options button with the label, (Ctrl), to its immediate right
at the end of the pasted range. When you click this drop-down button or
press the Ctrl key, a palette similar to the one shown in Figure 4-9 appears
with three groups of buttons (Paste, Paste Values, and Other Paste Options).
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