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Cut and Paste, Digital Style
Figure 4-9:
the Paste
button or
the Ctrl
key after
completing a paste
gives you
this palette
of paste
You can use these paste options to control or restrict the type of content and
formatting that’s included in the pasted cell range. The paste options (com-
plete with the hot key sequences you can type to select them) on the Paste
Options palette include:
Paste (P): Excel pastes all the stuff in the cell selection (formulas,
formatting, you name it).
Formulas (F): Excel pastes all the text, numbers, and formulas in the
current cell selection without their formatting.
Formulas & Number Formatting (O): Excel pastes the number formats
assigned to the copied values along with their formulas.
Keep Source Formatting (K): Excel copies the formatting from the
original cells and pastes this into the destination cells (along with the copied
No Borders (B): Excel pastes all the stuff in the cell selection without
copying any borders applied to its cell range.
Keep Source Column Widths (W): Excel makes the width of the columns
in the destination range the same as those in the source range when it
copies their cell entries.
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