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Cut and Paste, Digital Style
Figure 4-10:
task pane
appears on
the left side
of the Excel
To paste an item from the Office Clipboard into a worksheet other than the
one with the data last cut or copied onto it, click the item in the Clipboard
task pane to paste it into the worksheet starting at the current position of the
cell cursor.
You can paste all the items stored in the Office Clipboard into the current
worksheet by clicking the Paste All button at the top of the Clipboard task
pane. To clear the Office Clipboard of all the current items, click the Clear All
button. To delete only a particular item from the Office Clipboard, position
the mouse pointer over the item in the Clipboard task pane until its
dropdown button appears. Click this drop-down button, and then choose Delete
from the pop-up menu (refer to Figure 4-10).
To have the Clipboard task pane appear automatically after making two
cuts or copies to the Clipboard in an Excel workbook, click the Show Office
Clipboard Automatically option on the task pane’s Options button menu.
To open the Clipboard task pane in the Excel program window by pressing
Ctrl+CC, click Show Office Clipboard When Ctrl+C Pressed Twice on the task
pane’s Options button. Pressing Ctrl+CC only opens the task pane. You still
have to click the Close button on the Office Clipboard to close the task pane.
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