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Cut and Paste, Digital Style
So what’s so special about Paste Special?
Normally, unless you fool around with the Paste Options (see the section
“Keeping pace with Paste Options,” earlier in this chapter), Excel copies all
the information in the range of cells you selected: formatting, as well the
formulas, text, and other values you enter. You can use the Paste Special
command to specify which entries and formatting to use in the current paste
operation. Many of the Paste Special options are also available on the Paste
Options palette.
To paste particular parts of a cell selection while discarding others, click the
drop-down button that appears at the bottom of the Paste command button
on the Ribbon’s Home tab. Then, click Paste Special on its drop-down menu
to open the Paste Special dialog box, shown in Figure 4-11.
Figure 4-11:
Use the
options in
the Paste
dialog box
to control
what part
of the
copied cell
selection to
include in
the paste
The options in the Paste Special dialog box include:
All to paste all the stuff in the cell selection (formulas, formatting, you
name it).
Formulas to paste all the text, numbers, and formulas in the current cell
selection without their formatting.
Values to convert formulas in the current cell selection to their
calculated values.
Formats to paste only the formatting from the current cell selection,
leaving the cell entries in the dust.
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