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Using the Backstage Print Screen
Figure 5-1:
Viewing a
in Page
Layout view.
Using the Backstage Print Screen
To save paper and your sanity, print your worksheet directly from the Print
screen in Excel’s Backstage view by clicking File Print (or simply pressing
Ctrl+P or Ctrl+F2). As you see in Figure 5-2, the Print screen shows you at-a-
glance your current print settings along with a preview of the first page of the
You can also add a Print Preview and Print command button to the Quick
Access toolbar that opens this Print screen in the Backstage view. Simply click
the Customize Quick Access Toolbar button followed by the Print Preview and
Print option on its drop-down menu to add this button at the end of the
toolbar. Then click this button anytime you want to preview a report before
sending it to your printer.
You can use the Print Preview feature in the Print screen before you print any
worksheet, section of worksheet, or entire workbook. Because of the
peculiarities in paging worksheet data, you often need to check the page breaks
for any report that requires more than one page. The print preview area in
the Print panel shows you exactly how the worksheet data will page when
printed. If necessary, you can return to the worksheet where you can make
changes to the page settings from the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon before
sending the report to the printer when everything looks okay.
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