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Using the Backstage Print Screen
Figure 5-2:
The Print
screen in
view shows
your current
settings plus a
preview of
the printout.
When Excel displays a full page in the print preview area, you can barely read
its contents. To increase the view to actual size to verify some of the data, click
the Zoom to Page button in the lower-right corner of the Print panel. Check out
the difference in Figure 5-3 — you can see what the first page of the four-page
report looks like after I zoom in by clicking this Zoom to Page button.
After you enlarge a page to actual size, use the scroll bars to bring new parts
of the page into view in the print preview area. To return to the full-page
view, click the Zoom to Page button a second time to deselect it.
Excel indicates the number of pages in a report at the bottom of the print
preview area. If your report has more than one page, you can view pages
that follow by clicking the Next Page button to the right of the final page
number. To review a page you’ve already seen, back up a page by clicking the
Previous Page button to the left of the first page number. (The Previous Page
button is gray if you’re on the first page.)
To display markers indicating the current left, right, top and bottom margins
along with the column widths, click the Show Margins button to the immediate
left of the Zoom to Page button. You can then modify the column widths as
well as the page margins by dragging the appropriate marker (see “Massaging
the margins” later in this chapter for details).
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