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Printing the Current Worksheet
current cell selection in the current worksheet, and the currently
selected table in the current worksheet. Use the Pages combo boxes
to restrict what’s printed to just the range of pages you enter in these
boxes or select with their spinner buttons.
Beneath the combo boxes, you find drop-down list buttons to print on
both sides of each page in the report, collate the pages of the report,
and switch the page orientation from Portrait (aligned with the short
side) to Landscape (aligned with the long side). Additionally, you can
select a paper size based on your printer’s capabilities other than the
default 8.5" x 11" letter, and customize the size of the report’s margins
(top, bottom, left, and right, as well as the margins for any header and
footer on the page).
Printing the Current Worksheet
As long as you want to use Excel’s default print settings to print all the cells in
the current worksheet, printing in Excel 2013 is a breeze. Simply add the Quick
Print button to the Quick Access toolbar (by clicking the Customize Quick
Access Toolbar button followed by Quick Print on its drop-down menu).
After adding the Quick Print button to the Quick Access toolbar, you can use
this button to print a single copy of all the information in the current
worksheet, including any charts and graphics — but not including comments you
add to cells. (See Chapter 6 for details about adding comments to your
worksheet and Chapter 10 for details about charts and graphics.)
When you click the Quick Print button, Excel routes the print job to the
Windows print queue, which acts like a middleman and sends the job to the
printer. While Excel sends the print job to the print queue, Excel displays a
Printing dialog box to inform you of its progress (displaying such updates as
Printing Page 2 of 3 ). After this dialog box disappears, you are free to go back
to work in Excel. To stop the printing while the job is still being sent to the
print queue, click the Cancel button in the Printing dialog box.
If you don’t realize that you want to cancel the print job until after Excel
finishes shipping it to the print queue (that is, while the Printing dialog box
appears onscreen), you must do the following:
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