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Figure 5-8:
Page 2 of
a sample
in Print
with defined
print titles.
Using the buttons in the Scale to Fit group
If your printer supports scaling options, you’re in luck. You can always get
a worksheet to fit on a single page simply by selecting the 1 Page option on
the Width and Height drop-down menus attached to their command buttons
in the Scale to Fit group on the Ribbon’s Page Layout tab. When you select
these options, Excel figures out how much to reduce the size of the
information you’re printing to fit it all on one page.
After clicking the Page Break Preview button on the Status bar, you might
preview this page in the Print screen in the Backstage view (Ctrl+P) and find
that the printing is just too small to read comfortably. Go back to the Normal
worksheet view (Esc), select the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon, and try
changing the number of pages in the Width and Height drop-down menus in
the Scale to Fit group.
Instead of trying to stuff everything on one page, check out how your
worksheet looks if you fit it on two pages across. Try this: Select 2 Pages on the
Width button’s drop-down menu on the Page Layout tab and leave 1 Page
selected in the Height drop-down list button. Alternatively, see how the
worksheet looks on two pages down: Select 1 Page on the Width button’s
dropdown menu and 2 Pages on the Height button’s drop-down menu.
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