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Figure 6-7:
Adding a
to a cell in
a new text
Comments in review
When you have a workbook with sheets that contain a bunch of comments,
you probably won’t want to take the time to position the mouse pointer over
each of its cells in order to read each one. For those times, you need to click
the Show All Comments command button on the Ribbon’s Review tab (or
press Alt+RA). When you click Show All Comments on the Review tab, Excels
displays all the comments in the workbook (as shown in Figure 6-8).
With the Review tab selected in the Ribbon, you can then move back and
forth from comment to comment by clicking its Next and Previous command
buttons in the Comments group (or by pressing Alt+RN and Alt+RV,
respectively). When you reach the last comment in the workbook, you receive an
alert box asking you whether you want to continue reviewing the comments
from the beginning (which you can do by simply clicking OK). After you finish
reviewing the comments in your workbook, you can hide their display by
clicking the Show All Comments command button on the Review tab of the
Ribbon or pressing Alt+RA a second time.
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