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The Range Name Game
appropriate direction (away from the center of the box to increase its size or
toward the center to decrease its size). When you release the mouse button
finger, or stylus, Excel redraws the comment’s text box with the new shape
and size. When you change the size and shape of a comment’s text box, Excel
automatically wraps the text to fit in the new shape and size.
To change the font of the comment text, select the text of the comment (by
selecting the comment for editing and then dragging through the text),
rightclick the text box, and then click Format Comment on its shortcut menu (or
you can press Ctrl+1 as I do). On the Font tab of the Format Cells dialog box
that appears, you can then use the options to change the font, font style, font
size, or color of the text displayed in the selected comment.
To delete a comment, select the cell with the comment in the worksheet or
click the Next or Previous command buttons on the Review tab of the Ribbon
until the comment is selected and then click the Delete command button in
the Comments group (Alt+RD). Excel removes the comment along with the
note indicator from the selected cell.
You can also delete all comments in the selected range by clicking Clear
Comments from the Clear button’s drop-down menu (the one with the eraser
icon in the Editing group) on the Home tab of the Ribbon (Alt+HEM).
Getting your comments in print
When printing a worksheet, you can print comments along with worksheet
data by selecting either At End of Sheet or As Displayed on Sheet on the
Comments drop-down list on the Sheet tab of the Page Setup dialog box.
Open this dialog box by clicking the Dialog Box launcher in the lower-right
corner of the Page Setup group on the Ribbon’s Page Layout tab (Alt+PSP).
The Range Name Game
By assigning descriptive names to cells and cell ranges, you can go a long
way toward keeping on top of the location of important information in a
worksheet. Rather than try to associate random cell coordinates with
specific information, you just have to remember a name. You can also use range
names to designate the cell selection that you want to print or use in other
Office 2013 programs, such as Microsoft Word or Access. Best of all, after you
name a cell or cell range, you can use this name with the Go To feature to not
only locate the range but select all its cells as well.
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