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Seek and Ye Shall Find . . .
Be sure to adhere to the cell range naming conventions when entering
this new name.
3. (Optional) To have the range name defined for just the active
worksheet instead of the entire workbook, click the name of the sheet on
the Scope drop-down list.
Normally, you’re safer sticking with the default selection of Workbook
as the Scope option so that you can use your constant in a formula on
any of its sheets. Only change the scope to a particular worksheet when
you’re sure that you’ll use it only in formulas on that worksheet.
4. Click in the Refers To text box after the equal to sign (=) and replace
(enter) the current cell address with the constant value ( 8.25% in this
example) or a formula that calculates the constant.
5. Click OK to close the New Name dialog box.
After you assign a constant to a range name by using this method, you can
apply it to the formulas that you create in the worksheet in one of two ways:
Type the range name to which you assign the constant at the place in
the formula where its value is required.
Click the Use in Formula command button on the Formulas tab (or press
Alt+MS) and then click the constant’s range name on the drop-down
menu that appears.
When you copy a formula that uses a range name containing a constant, its
values remain unchanged in all copies of the formula that you create with
the fill handle. (In other words, range names in formulas act like absolute cell
addresses in copied formulas — see Chapter 4 for more on copying formulas.)
Also, when you update the constant by changing its value in the Edit Name
dialog box — opened by clicking the range name in the Name Manager dialog
box (Alt+MN) and then clicking its Edit button — all the formulas that use
that constant (by referring to the range name) are automatically updated
(recalculated) to reflect this change.
Seek and Ye Shall Find . . .
When all else fails, you can use Excel’s Find feature to locate specific
information in the worksheet. Choose Home Find & Select Find or press Ctrl+F,
Shift+F5, or even Alt+HFDF to open the Find and Replace dialog box.
In the Find What drop-down box of this dialog box, enter the text or values
you want to locate and then click the Find Next button or press Enter to start
the search. Choose the Options button in the Find and Replace dialog box to
expand the search options (as shown in Figure 6-10).
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