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2. Click the Choose Format From Cell button at the bottom of the Find
Format dialog box.
The Find Format dialog box disappears, and Excel adds an ink dropper
icon to the normal white cross mouse and touch pointer.
3. Click the ink dropper pointer in the cell in the worksheet that
contains the formatting you want to match.
The formatting in the selected worksheet appears in the Preview text
box in the Find and Replace dialog box, and you can then search for that
formatting in other places in the worksheet by clicking the Find Next
button or by pressing Enter.
To select the formatting to match in the search from the options on the Find
Format dialog box (which are identical to those of the Format Cells dialog
box), follow these steps:
1. Click the Format button or click its drop-down button and choose
Format from its menu.
2. Select the formatting options to match from the various tabs (refer to
Chapter 3 for help on selecting these options) and click OK.
When you use either of these methods to select the kinds of formatting to
match in your search, the No Format Set button (located between the Find
What text box and the Format button) changes to a Preview button. The
word Preview in this button appears in whatever font and attributes Excel
picks up from the sample cell or through your selections in the Find Format
dialog box. To reset the Find and Replace to search across all formats again,
click Format Clear Find Format, and No Form Set will appear again between
the Find What and Format buttons.
When you search for values in the worksheet, be mindful of the difference
between formulas and values. For example, say cell K24 of your worksheet
contains the computed value $15,000 (from a formula that multiplies a value
in cell I24 by that in cell J24). If you type 15000 in the Find What text box and
press Enter to search for this value, instead of finding the value 15000 in cell
K24, Excel displays an alert box with the following message:
Microsoft Excel cannot find the data you’re searching for
This is because the value in this cell is calculated by the formula
The value 15000 doesn’t appear in that formula. To have Excel find any entry
matching 15000 in the cells of the worksheet, you need to choose Values in
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