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Seek and Ye Shall Find . . .
the Look In drop-down menu of the Find and Replace dialog box in place of
the normally used Formulas option.
To restrict the search to just the text or values in the text of the comments in
the worksheet, choose the Comments option from the Look In drop-down menu.
If you don’t know the exact spelling of the word or name or the precise value
or formula you’re searching for, you can use wildcards, which are symbols
that stand for missing or unknown text. Use the question mark (?) to stand
for a single unknown character; use the asterisk (*) to stand for any number
of missing characters. Suppose that you enter the following in the Find What
text box and choose the Values option in the Look In drop-down menu:
Excel stops at cells that contain the values 74, 704, and 75,234. Excel even
finds the text entry 782 4th Street!
If you actually want to search for an asterisk in the worksheet rather than use
the asterisk as a wildcard, precede it with a tilde (~), as follows:
This arrangement enables you to search the formulas in the worksheet for
one that multiplies by the number 4. (Remember that Excel uses the asterisk
as the multiplication sign.)
The following entry in the Find What text box finds cells that contain Jan,
January, June, Janet, and so on.
Normally, Excel searches only the current worksheet for the search text you
enter. If you want the program to search all the worksheets in the workbook,
you must select the Workbook option from the Within drop-down menu.
When Excel locates a cell in the worksheet that contains the text or values
you’re searching for, it selects that cell while leaving the Find and Replace
dialog box open. (Remember that you can move the Find and Replace dialog
box if it obscures your view of the cell.) To search for the next occurrence of
the text or value, click the Find Next button or press Enter.
Excel normally searches down the worksheet by rows. To search across
the columns first, choose the By Columns option in the Search drop-down
menu. To reverse the search direction and revisit previous occurrences
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