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Doing Your Research
Be careful with global search-and-replace operations; they can really mess up
a worksheet in a hurry if you inadvertently replace values, parts of formulas,
or characters in titles and headings that you hadn’t intended to change. With
this in mind, always follow one rule:
Never undertake a global search-and-replace operation on an unsaved
Also, verify whether the Match Entire Cell Contents check box (displayed
only when you click the Options button) is selected before you begin. You
can end up with many unwanted replacements if you leave this check box
unselected when you really only want to replace entire cell entries (rather
than matching parts in cell entries).
If you do make a mess, immediately click the Undo button on the Quick Access
toolbar or press Ctrl+Z to restore the worksheet.
To see each occurrence before you replace it, click the Find Next button or
press Enter. Excel selects the next cell with the text or value you enter in
the Find What text box. To have the program replace the selected text, click
the Replace button. To skip this occurrence, click the Find Next button to
continue the search. When you finish replacing occurrences, click the Close
button to close the Find and Replace dialog box.
Doing Your Research
Excel 2013 includes the Research task pane that you can use to search for
information using such online resources as Bing; Encarta Dictionary: English
(North America); English, French, and Spanish Thesaurus; as well as Factiva
iWorks and HighBeam Research. (Because these resources are online, to make
use of the Research task pane, you must have Internet access available.)
To open the Research task pane (similar to the one shown in Figure 6-12),
click the Research command button on the Ribbon’s Review tab or press
Alt+RR. When you first open the Research pane, it is a floating pane that you
can reposition anywhere in the worksheet by dragging it with the double
white cross mouse or touch pointer. To dock the research pane at the left
or right edge of the display screen, drag to one side or the other until it
becomes docked in place.
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