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Doing Your Research
Figure 6-12:
Looking up
the stock
quotes for
Corp (MSFT)
with the
Bing search
in the
task pane.
To look up something in the Research pane, select the cell in the
worksheet that contains the word or phrase you want to research online or type
the word or phrase directly into the Search For text box at the top of the
Research pane. Then click the type of online reference to search on the Show
Results From drop-down menu:
All Reference Books to search for the word or phrase in any of the
online reference books, such as the Encarta Dictionary: English (North
America), Thesaurus: English (U.S.), and so on
All Research Sites to look up the word or phrase in any online resource
or any Web site such as Bing, Factiva iWorks, and HighBeam Research
To start the online search, click the Start Searching button to the
immediate right of the Search For text box (the green box with the right arrow.
Excel then connects you to the designated online resources and displays
the search results in the list box below. Figure 6-12, for example, shows the
various stock quotes for Microsoft Corporation for the day and time I did the
search using MSN Money Stock Quotes.
When you include Web sites in your search, you can visit particular sites by
clicking their links in the Research task pane. When you do, Windows then
launches your default Web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox)
and connects you to the linked page. To return to Excel after visiting a
particular Web page, simply click the Close box in the upper-right corner of your
Web browser’s window.
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