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Don’t Short-Sheet Me!
To insert a bunch of new worksheets in a row in the workbook, select a group
with the same number of tabs as the number of new worksheets you want to
add, starting with the tab where you want to insert the new worksheets. Next,
click Home Insert Insert Sheet on the Ribbon or press Alt+HIS.
To delete a worksheet from the workbook, follow these steps:
1. Click the tab of the worksheet that you want to delete.
2. Choose Home Delete Delete Sheet on the Ribbon, press Alt+HDS, or
right-click the tab and choose Delete from its shortcut menu.
If the sheet you’re deleting contains any data, Excel displays a scary
message in an alert box about how you’re going to delete the selected
sheets permanently.
3. Go ahead and click the Delete button or press Enter if you’re sure that
you won’t be losing any data you need when Excel zaps the entire sheet.
This is one of those situations where Undo is powerless to put things
right by restoring the deleted sheet to the workbook.
To delete a bunch of worksheets from the workbook, select all the
worksheets you want to delete and then choose Home Delete Delete Sheet,
press Alt+HDS, or choose Delete from the tab’s shortcut menu. Then, when
you’re sure that none of the worksheets will be missed, click the Delete
button or press Enter when the alert dialog box appears.
If you find yourself constantly adding a bunch of new worksheets, you may
want to think about changing the default number of worksheets so that the
next time you open a new workbook, you have a more realistic number of
sheets on hand. To change the default number, choose File Options or press
Alt+FT to open the General tab of the Excel Options dialog box. Enter a new
number between 1 and 255 in the Include This Many Sheets text box in the
When Creating New Workbooks section or select a new number with the
spinner buttons before you click OK.
A worksheet by any other name . . .
The sheet names that Excel comes up with for the tabs in a workbook
(Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3) are, to put it mildly, not very original — and are
certainly not descriptive of their function in life! Luckily, you can easily rename
a worksheet tab to whatever helps you remember what you put on the
worksheet (provided this descriptive name is no longer than 31 characters).
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