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Don’t Short-Sheet Me!
Figure 7-3:
relocated Total
sheet is now
at the front
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If you hold down the Ctrl key while you drag the sheet tab icon, Excel inserts a
copy of the worksheet at the place where you release the mouse button. You
can tell that Excel is copying the sheet rather than just moving it in the
workbook because the pointer shows a plus sign (+) on the sheet tab icon
containing the arrowhead. When you release the mouse button or remove your finger
or stylus, Excel inserts the copy in the workbook, which is designated by the
addition of (2) after the tab name.
For example, if you copy Sheet5 to another place in the workbook, the sheet
tab of the copy is named Sheet5 (2). You can then rename the tab to
something civilized (see the earlier section “A worksheet by any other name . . .”
for details).
You can also move or copy worksheets from one part of a workbook to
another by activating the sheet that you want to move or copy and then
choosing Move or Copy on its shortcut menu. In the Before Sheet list box
in the Move or Copy dialog box, click the name of the worksheet in front of
which you want the active sheet moved or copied.
To move the active sheet immediately ahead of the sheet you select in the
Before Sheet list box, simply click OK. To copy the active sheet, be sure to
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