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Opening Windows on Your Worksheets
After you place windows in one arrangement or another, activate the one you
want to use (if it isn’t selected already) by clicking it in the Excel program
window. Alternatively, you position the mouse or Touch Pointer on the Excel
2013 program icon on the Windows 7 or 8 taskbar to display pop-up
thumbnails for each of the worksheet windows you have open. To display the
contents of one of the Excel worksheet windows without the others visible,
highlight its pop-up thumbnail on the Windows taskbar. To then activate a
particular worksheet window from the taskbar, you simply click its thumbnail.
When you click a worksheet window that has been tiled or placed in the
horizontal or vertical arrangement, Excel indicates that the window is selected
simply by displaying the cell pointer around the active cell and highlighting
that cell’s column and row heading in the worksheet. When you click the title
bar of a worksheet window you place in the cascade arrangement, the
program displays the window on the top of the stack, as well as displaying the
cell pointer in the sheet’s active cell.
Figure 7-7:
with the
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