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Comparing Worksheets Side by Side
You can temporarily zoom the window to full size by clicking the Maximize
button on the window’s title bar. When you finish your work in the full-size
worksheet window, return it to its previous arrangement by clicking the
window’s Restore button.
To select the next tiled, horizontal, or vertical window on the screen or
display the next window in a cascade arrangement with the keyboard, press
Ctrl+F6. To select the previous tiled, horizontal, or vertical window or to
display the previous window in a cascade arrangement, press Ctrl+Shift+F6.
These keystrokes work to select the next and previous worksheet window
even when the windows are maximized in the Excel program window.
If you close one of the windows by clicking Close (the X in the upper-right
corner) or by pressing Ctrl+W, Excel doesn’t automatically resize the other
open windows to fill in the gap. Likewise, if you create another window by
clicking the New Window command button on the View tab, Excel doesn’t
automatically arrange it in with the others. (In fact, the new window just sits
on top of the other open windows.)
To fill in the gap created by closing a window or to integrate a newly opened
window into the current arrangement, click the Arrange command button
to open the Arrange Windows dialog box and click OK or press Enter. (The
button you selected last time is still selected; if you want to choose a new
arrangement, select a new button before you click OK.)
Don’t try to close a particular worksheet window by choosing File Close or
by pressing Alt+FC because you’ll only succeed in closing the entire workbook
file, getting rid of all the worksheet windows you created!
When you save your workbook, Excel saves the current window arrangement
as part of the file along with all the rest of the changes. If you don’t want to
save the current window arrangement, close all but one of the windows (by
clicking their Close buttons or selecting their windows and then pressing
Ctrl+W). Then click that last window’s Maximize button and select the tab of
the worksheet that you want to display the next time you open the workbook
before saving the file.
Comparing Worksheets Side by Side
You can use the View Side by Side command button (the one with the picture
of two sheets side by side like tiny tablets of the Ten Commandments) on
the Ribbon’s View tab to quickly and easily do a side-by-side comparison of
any two worksheet windows that you have open. When you click this button
(or press Alt+WB after opening two windows), Excel automatically tiles
them horizontally (as though you had selected the Horizontal option in the
Arrange Windows dialog box), as shown in Figure 7-8.
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