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Excel’s Ribbon User Interface
Excel’s Ribbon User Interface
When you launch Excel 2013, the Start screen similar to the one shown in
Figure 1-1 opens. Here you can start a new blank workbook by clicking the
Blank workbook template, or you can select any of the other templates
shown as the basis for your new spreadsheet. If none of the templates shown
in the Start screen suits your needs, you can search for templates online.
After you’ve worked with Excel for some time, the Start screen also displays a
list of recently opened workbooks that you can reopen for further editing or
When you select the Blank workbook template from the Excel 2013 Start
screen, the program opens an initial worksheet (named Sheet1) in a new
workbook file (named Book1) inside a program window like the one shown in
Figure 1-2.
Figure 1-1:
The Excel
2013 Start
enables you
to open a
new blank
a recently
or find a
template to
use as the
basis for
a new
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