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Shifting Sheets to Other Workbooks
This drag-and-drop operation is one of those that you can’t reverse by using
Excel’s Undo feature (see Chapter 4). This means that if you drop the sheet in
the wrong workbook, you’ll have to go get the wayward sheet yourself and
then drag and drop it into the place where it once belonged!
In Figures 7-10 and 7-11, I show how easy it is to move or copy a worksheet
from one workbook to another using this drag-and-drop method.
In Figure 7-10, you see two workbook windows: the Book1 new workbook
(left pane) and the MGE – 2014 Projected Income workbook (right pane). I
arranged these workbook windows with the View Side by Side command
button on the View tab. To copy the Sprat Diet Ctr sheet from the MGE – 2014
Projected Income workbook to the new Book1 workbook, I simply select the
Sprat Diet Ctr sheet tab, hold down the Ctrl key, and drag the sheet icon to
its new position before Sheet1 of the Book1 workbook.
Now look at Figure 7-11 to see the workbooks after I release the mouse
button. As you can see, Excel inserts the copy of the Sprat Diet Ctr worksheet
into the Book1 workbook at the place indicated by the triangle that
accompanies the sheet icon (before Sheet1 in this example).
Figure 7-10:
the Sprat
Diet Ctr
to the Book1
via drag and
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